Starting from 5S to succeed


In term of general difficulties of the country's economy, the rationalization of production and business, waste avoidance and effective mobilization of resources have always been the leading solutions set for every business. To effectively implement the tasks and goals, and at the same time to receive expert advices from JICA of Japan, The joint-stock Company Lilama 3 has joined hands with Agency for small and medium enterprise development – Technical Assistant Centre (TAC) to put 5S production management method - Kaizen into production.

To speak clearer, 5S is a method of production management coming from Japan, including: Seiri - Screening, Seiton - Sort, Seiso - Shine, Seiketsu - Standardize, Shitsuke - Sustain. At initial implementation, Lilama 3 has introduced this to all officials and employees in the company to encourage self-discipline, self-responsibility of employees towards technology, machinery, products, and while created a friendly working environment, enabling them to always consider companies as their own house. Implementation of 5S is also aimed at creating a clean, safe and fair business environment for employees; giving them motivation to work passionately. Japanese Kaizen means "change for the better," and the Lilama 3 applies this method as a fundamental step to help employees enhancing their creative spirit, creating many innovative ideas applied in business to increase productivity and improve product quality.

To help implement this program effectively, Lilama 3 Joint-stock Company established a Kaizen board to recognize evaluate and reward timely proposals and initiatives of the workers. During time of implementation, all big or small proposals are recorded, and so far regularly each month, the Kaizen Board has always received from 3 -5 suggestions for innovations of the employees. This is evident in the employees’ spirit and responsibility for the changes of the company. Mr. Nguyen Huu Giang, Captain of the company’s Manufacturing - Operation Team affirmed: "Change the way of thinking, improve the way of doing / ready machines, many products". In fact, while performing the program, the Manufacturing – Operation Team has contributed many proposals related to innovations in the work of repairs of machines to increase productivity, reduce waiting time because of machinery fail, typically offered "replace lathe bearings", "improve beam bending machine," ... thereby helping to maintain and ensure the continuous operation of machinery for effective performance.

Along with technical innovations, Lilama 3 also applied 5S - Kaizen to the implementation of arrangements, clearance, environmental sanitation, create a neat, tidy and clean working environment. From this method, Lilama 3 is gradually turning its factory into showroom to proudly introduce to partners, customers visiting the premises.

With the motto "Leading Quality/ Client First", Lilama 3 is showing the practical effects of this method. More specifically, the spirit of 5S - Kaizen is becoming main "power circuit" into every corner of labor life, into factories, construction sites of Lilama 3, helping the company create better quality, more durable and beautiful products.

Quoted from "Huu Nghi Article - No.74"