LILAMA 3.3 Exports Bucket Elevators & Pan Conveyors to Myanmar

On 12.5.2012, Lilama 3.3 exported 5 pan conveyors and 02 bucket elevators (belt and chain) for the Kanbawza cement plant in Yangun, Myanmar.



Pic 1: Marking for the holes with the jig invented by workers

As per the order, Lilama 3.3 supplies the parts and components of bucket elevators and pan conveyors exporting to the Kanbawza cement plant in Myanmar with the production capacity of 1000 ton per day. This project is the 2nd after Cong Thanh cement plant that Lilama 3.3 has chance to work with AUMUND. Especially the components have been highly evaluated in term of the quality by the German Partner.

AUMUND is one of the most prestigious corporations in Germany, as well as in the worlg renown for the supply of products and service in the field of transportation and storage (Cement, Mining, chemical industries).



Pic 2: Finished components before shipment

It can be considered to be the positive signal from Lilama 3.3 even in the hard world economic downturn causing more severe competitiveness in winning the orders, the company still has gained the trust from the foreign partner to have been selected as regular suppliers. The meaningful encouragement for the staff and workers of Lilama 3.3 in particular and Lilama 3 in general has originated from the hard working days; tireless effort and continuous improvement in production, and more importantly form the root spirit of Lilama 3- Power through unity.