LILAMA 3 - International Cooperation is both journey and destination

The world economy is experiencing the worst crisis period which has great influenced on investment decisions and business activities of large corporations. Not only do they reduce the investment amount but also they ask for higher technical standards and make careful consideration in choosing partners. Achieving the contract agreement with foreign partners in this difficult period is not easy. Given that context, LILAMA 3 realises that it is vital to ultilize nternational cooperation to enhance capacity and confirm its position in this period. This strategy has brougt LILAMA 3 great success.

Cooperation for mutual development:

In the previous article, the magazine Huu Nghi shown clearly LILAMA 3’s pathway in improve the quality of mechanical products through its cooperation with other firms, leading corporations such as MacGregor. As a results, LILAMA 2 has made great improvements and owned the mordern machanical technology. Most notably, LILAMA 3 has developed its owned machanical industry, shipbuilding and port service conplex in Bach Hac Industrial Park (Viet Tri city, Phu Tho Province). Integration process as well as challenges does not “beat” LILAMA 3. Owning the brace charactoristics and considering challenges as development motivation, LILAMA 3 has mastered the technology and turned it intocompetitive strength.

With the advantages of technology, skilled engineers and workers, LILAMA 3 has made great achievements and affirms its position as EPC in implementing industrial works, engineering and fabricating equipment with international standards. LILAMA 3 not only becomes joint venture contractors ott EPC but also cooperates with other units to fabricate complex equipment (Such as nonstandard machanical equipments, equipments with great weight, great importance and high technical requirements). LILAMA 3’s works directly contribute the industrialization and modernization of the country. In addition they has become popupar in the region and demonstrated ability and working capacity of engineers, workers of LILAMA 3 in particular and Vietnam in general.

LILAMA 3 has many prominent projects to be taken as examples. It supplied steel structures for Barh Thermal Power Plant Project (India) owned by RKZ group; Cooperated with Japan companies (Binan) to fabricate steel structures for export; Supplyied and fabricated belt conveyor system for Aumund Asia company (HK); Esspecially, LILAMA 3 has been in charge of supplying and fabricating Synchrolift system for Nosco-Vinalines Ship Repair Joint Stock Company. This project is considered as the first stage of long-term cooperaton between LILAMA 3 and Shindong group of Korea. In addition, LILAMA 3 has been supplying steel structures for many thermal power, steel, cement, paper, water treatment projects for many foreign contractor such as Organo, Sumitomo Mitsui (Japan), Shindong (Korea), Polysius (German), Jacobsen (Norway), MCC, Gedi (China), etc.

It can be said that LILAMA 3’s projects are popular not only domestrically but also recognized internationally. In the industrial sectors from construction to energy, in all geography conditions, LILAMA 3 has met all of the contractors’ requirements. LILAMA 3 brand can show international partners Vietnam’s capacity and intelligence.

(Quoted: from Huu Nghi Article)