LILAMA 3 - The quality determines the competitiveness

International economic integration offers many opportunities but also many challenges for the business community in general as well as equipment manufacture and design enterprises in particular. If there is no strategic depth to improve product quality, the enterprise is difficult to stand firm in their home. It’s difficult for an enterprise to have a firm stand right at the local market if it does not introduce a deep strategic in order to improve the product quality.


Given in such context, it’s can seen that the success of Lilama is valuable and worthy. Overcome great competitors in the country as well as the region to win the contract to supply of equipments not only for national key projects, but also export equipments back to advanced countries. Thanks to the huge investment for product quality (key element is the technology), Lilama 3 has confirmed its brand name, intellectual and skills of the people of Vietnam.


Lilama 3 - Brief Introduction

Established in 1960 and with more than five decades of development and growth, LILAMA 3 Corporation has become a prestigious brand name associated with many national key projects such as National Convention Centre, Ho Chi Minh Museum, Hanoi Museum, National Stadium, Hoa Binh Hydropower Plant, Yaly Hydropower Plant, Pha Lai Thermal Power Plant, Uong Bi, Na Yang, Cai Lan, O Mon; Dung Quat Oil Refinery, Lao Cai Apatite Factory, etc.


In the field of design and installation of conveyor systems for industrial plants, LILAMA 3 always confirms its outstanding strength. Most of the work products, from the first drawing until the installation, operation and production, are always filled with the dedication, intellectual, creativity of the engineers in LILAMA 3. With hi-tech products such as manufacture and installation of all types of tanks, containers of solid materials, petroleum, chemical, gas and liquefied gas, foodstuffs and so on, the company is fully equipped with specialized equipments to meet the requirements of the manufacture and installation process.

More impressively, LILAMA 3 has gradually ascertained the power and wisdom of the people of Vietnam when it becomes a partner to manufacture and supply equipments to world leading corporations such as manufacturing contract, the Synchrolift steel structures and ship floor lifting system for NOSCO-VINALINES (Korea), package: M-Lot 5 FGD plant with and the Guangdong Electric Power Design Institute (GEDI - China), especially a contract to supply covers for the global market-leading brand in marine services and ship equipment provider (MacGregor , Finland), with a capacity of 20,000 tones / year. These are all equipment supply tenders.

Deep investment into the technology

For comprehensive results and success in various fields of complex manufacture from the equipments in the field of chemical, thermal power to the components of the shipbuilding industry, Lilama 3 introduces the right strategy as for the appropriate and deep investment into the technology. It is due to the fact that the core element to compete is the product quality. Product quality is higher only when the technology into every product increases. Therefore, Lilama 3 has invested the Bach Hac modern mechanical & shipbuilding plant in accordance with European standards in Viet Tri City with the area of ​​mechanical plant of 2 hectares on the total area of ​​15ha. The plant uses and applies modern manufacturing technology. These include the production line of the hatch cover with the technology of MacGregor - the world leading marine equipment supplier.

Bach Hac plant in operation can provide the structures that are out-of-gauge, super heavy, difficult to manufacture and require high precision, use of special steel material used in the field of ports, hydroelectric power , thermal, paper, cement, environmental treatment. It can be said that Bach Hac not only provides facilities for strategic partner MacGregor but also helps Lilama 3 improve overall manufacturing capacity.

(Quoted: From Huu Nghi Article)