Determined improvement from one of LILAMA 3's affiliated companies

With concern to rationalize the productionprocedure avoiding waste, encourage the self-consciousness of workers considering the company like his second home, LILAMA 3.3 has decided to cooperate with The Assistance Center for SME in the North (TAC Hanoi) to apply production management method derived from the Japan-5S-KAIZEN in its manufacturing.

At first steps,the 5S and KAIZEN definitions and ideas have been introduced to all officials and employees in the company. Actually, 5S is a method of manufacturing management derived from Japan, which is the abbreviation of five Japanese words (Seiri-Sort, Seiton-Straighten, Seiso-Shine, Seiketsu- Standardize, Shitsuke-Self-discipline), with the aim to encourage self-discipline and raise workers’responsibility for their machines, their products, and the company as well.


5S implementation will create clean, safe and favorable working environment, thereby creating incentives for the employees to work with the mind spirit 'change for better'. To bring the spirit of continuous improvement in production to their workers, increasing labor productivity, and improving the goods quality, the company has established Kaizen Board to recognize, evaluate and award the proposed initiatives by the employees. So far,there have been 3-5 suggestions for improvement monthly submitted to KAIZEN Board of the company. Especially with the spiritual way of ‘Change in thinking, improvement in fabrication’the general manager has launched the hygiene ceremony, 'without exception, anyone and anywhere'on October 15, 2012at LILAMA 3.3, which attracted all officials and employees involved. The seen results have been obtained:the tidy, clean production area;clear aisles; neat closet; and clean office area with neat document profiles, easy to be used.


Immediately after the general hygiene day, the corporate leaders have determined to maintain this activity in Lilama 3.3 at least once a month. This is the first signal to stabilize production, improve product quality, meeting the increasing demand, particularly fromdemanding customers from Europe, USA and Japan.

The clear orientation "Customer is centered, top quality is placed first", as a strategic target in all business activities of LILAMA 3, has been fostering the affiliated companiesto fulfill the objectives, raising its profile and brand on the international market.

Lilama3.3’s staff members always bear on their minds to integrate 5S - Kaizen in implementing any task, which is a good sign of the group’s striving.

(Quoted: from Lilama 3.3)